What is a TMT bar?

A TMT bar is a steel bar used in all types of construction.

Where is it used?

Everywhere. Let’s try to understand TMT bars with a fitting analogy. If cement is the muscle of a building, TMT bars are the skeleton.TMT bars serve as a reinforcement agent. While concrete has good compressive strength but poor tensile strength, TMT bars which have high tensile strength are used to complement. The TMT bars provide the necessary strength and hold the structures together. Now, before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the bars, what does TMT stand for? TMT means Thermo mechanically treated. Does the phrase sound complicated? Let’s laymanize it. Step 1 - Steel billets are manufactured in the furnaces. Step 2 - The steel billets are hot rolled to form long steel bars. Step 3 - These hot rolled long steel bars are suddenly cooled using water and air pressure. The sudden change in temperature leads to a tough outer layer and soft inner core. Why does the inner core need to be soft? So that it can be welded easily. The maximum length of a TMT bar is 40 feet. The diameter varies from 8 mm to 45 mm based on requirements. TMT bars, the bones and tendons of a structure, give shape to your house. Choosing TMT bars is a crucial decision since it affects the strength and life of a building.

Tips for buying TMT bars Flexibility

Good bars don’t develop cracks even if they are bent extremely. So, make sure the bars you buy are flexible enough.


Corrosion resistance is an important factor that determines the quality of the bars. Buy bars with an anti-corrosion coating.

Ductility – The bars should have maximum ductility.

Buy bars which are manufactured as per the latest quality standards.

Tips for storing TMT bars

Store the bars in a dry placeMake sure the place is moisture proof and waterproof Keep any chemical substances at bayGreat shapes demand good skeletons. Buy quality bars, store them appropriately, use them efficiently and your house will shape up well.